Note to Self #6

Distraction is good, but give yourself room to grieve. Don’t force yourself to be OK when you’re not. Wounds do not heal by themselves. They need to be cleaned and dressed, hidden from view. But also remember that they need little doses of sunshine and fresh air.… Read more

Note to Self #5

When someone decides to walk out of your heart, you can chose two things – to let them go, or to try to make them stay. Love means respecting the other person’s decision to move on. When you cling to someone, it shows your attachment to them, more than your love for them.… Read more

Note to Self #4

You don’t need to have all the answers right now. You don’t even need to imagine possible scenarios for tomorrow. All you need to know is that God is in control. And his promises never fail.

Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.… Read more

On Lost Dreams.

​”Where did your dreams go?” the child asked

“They disappeared,” I answered

“We should go find them,” she says

“Where would we look?” I countered

“Good question,” she says. “I suggest your past.”

I smiled at the child – at myself, thirty years back.… Read more


If you’re a faithful follower of my blog, you may have noticed that I’ve started experimenting with creating devotionals.  Bear with me, as I haven’t had much time to write lately.  I’m hoping this new format will encourage me to post my thoughts more often, as a drink in God’s word.… Read more

On Hold.

It seems like I’ve just stepped into another busy season in my life.  This means no regular posts for the foreseeable future.  As much as I’d want to keep this blog going, my new projects will be thoroughly depleting my daily allocated word count (and brain power).  … Read more