Destination, Europe

Venice - Lucca - Florence - Cinque Terre - Nice - Monaco - Avignon - Paris - Barcelona - Madrid - Toledo

Now is as good a time as any to travel to Europe.  Exchange rates are good, the summer peak season is ending, and the weather is still mild enough for tropical island-dwellers (read : not freezing).

My trip across Europe started in Venice and ended in Madrid, before flying back to London. … Read more

Taking the Open Road

Banaue Rice Terraces by jonrawlinson on flickr

An update on my future whereabouts – some trips planned for December 2012 and January 2013.  Happy for you to come along!

To see my full list of upcoming trips, please make your way to Wanderlust.

Banaue Trek

07 – 10 December 2012

I’m heading for the hills, and I’m taking three of my girlfriends with me.… Read more

Venezia | A Photoblog

My first backpacking trip from 2006 – destination, Europe. Venice was my first stop.

The Taxi Stand. Where most people (tourists) get dropped off in Venice.

You can't get away from it - crowds will always form outside Venice's most popular sights. The Doge's Palace being the first on the list.

The other must-see landmark, Piazza & Basilica di San Marco. Beware of flying rats (pigeons).

clockwise from top
(1) Canal Grande Ponte di Rialto. Where most people (tourists) get dropped off in Venice.
(2) You can’t get away from it – crowds will always form outside Venice’s most popular sights.
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I’ve created a permanent page called Wanderlust, which details my upcoming trips.  Do check it out from time, and drop me a line if you wish to come along!

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