I do all sorts of things – set up documentation systems, optimise logistics processes, facilitate group discussions, manage cash flows, conduct research, and read lots of material on random topics. I even host a weekday morning show for online radio (soon to be FM radio). What I really enjoy doing, though, is connecting dots to create meaningful and valuable content. My life is content – strategy, editing, and creation.

Welcome to my world. (Read my blog.)

When I’m not writing for other people, I spend time putting my random thoughts into type. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that I only have X number of words for composition, and my writing quota is often used up by professional work. My blog tends to have very erratic activity. I’d like to think it’s partly because I have no time nor bandwidth for drama. If I were to be perfectly honest, though, it’s probably because my creative juices have run out.

Writer’s block? Yeah, I get that, too.

It’s organised chaos. (Story of my life.)

My career path has been slightly more circuitous than the average. Ironically, every major plot twist takes me back to my real calling – writing (in case you haven’t caught on). It’s not easy making a living as a writer, and I probably would be making more in any of my past lives as an architect / sustainability consultant / marketing communications officer / business development executive / corporate skills trainer / human resources consultant / brand manager. While I no longer have any illusions of becoming a news correspondent for conflict areas in the Middle East, I still do want to build my life writing stories about things that matter.

My life isn’t as organised and as perfectly styled as this photo, unfortunately.

Let’s get down to business. (Hire me.)

Feel free to pick your way through my musings scattered all over this site. I’ve tried to put some semblance of sanity to them, with a taxonomy and category structure that most likely only makes sense to me. Bear in mind that most of the content have been migrated from different blogs, so I will appear to have multiple personalities at some point. Then again, that really is how I am – full of disparate interests and shifting personas.

If you like what you read, drop me a line and get me to write for you.