Whatever Is True.

A man once told me I don’t know real love. The irony is, when it was all over, he left bitter, unforgiving, and angry. I, on the other hand, harbour no ill feelings, am grateful for what was, and pray for him still.

True love wins. Even when the world says you’ve lost.

It’s easy to be fooled into the kind of love that the world offers as real. But such a love does not last. It crumbles at the smallest affront, demanding its fair share of love as recompense.

True love isn’t transactional. It doesn’t keep score. It makes no demands. But is always hopes, always perseveres.

True love does not call attention to itself. It makes no grand proclamations of undying affection, nor does it seek them. True love simply gives. Just as Jesus did. It gives unto death – without bitterness, anger, or resentment.

Seek what is true. A love that lasts for eternity, because it comes from one who is eternal.

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