We Are Not Blind.

Is this what it takes – two well-known celebrities and cultural icons committing suicide in the same week? Is this what the world needs so it will finally pay attention – the drastic, final act of two mature adults who seem to have had all that the world has to offer?

It could be that well-liked boy you pass by the corridor. It could be that put-together girl you have always envied. Or it could be the funny-looking kid that nobody seems to notice.

We cry and we make ourselves available when someone popular decides to take their life. But who weeps for those who are not as adored? Those who keep the pain inside, but also look run-down on the outside? Would you speak to someone who looks like she hasn’t taken a shower in days? Or will you simply think – I’ve got my own issues to deal with. Some other day, maybe.

Make today that day. Make every day, that day. Because you don’t know when the string will snap.

Take it from someone who’s been there. You won’t know, because we didn’t know, either.


Image by Oscar Keys from Unsplash.

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