Wanted : Escape

My first trip for the year is coming up on Friday, and I can barely keep my shoes on.  I booked this trip knowing that frenzied activity over the Christmas holidays will  just about wear me out, as it often does.  Of course, it seems counter-intuitive that this break involves one massive street party known as the Ati-atihan Festival.  Then again, I was never known to make rational decisions.

As a disclaimer, I did also book a quiet getaway to secluded Carabao Island (San Jose) in Romblon.  I’m hoping to get some down time on the beach, as well as in the water. The marine life is supposed to be magnificent, so I’m bringing my mask and fins for some snorkeling.

Yes, I’m travelling again. Yes, I have a day job (sort of). And no, I don’t think I should feel guilty about going off and leaving my desk for a few days. Truth be told, I would be much more productive outside of work than I would be otherwise.

The great thing about freelancing is that you rarely get fired. Most of the time, you quit.

I’m still dreaming of the day when I don’t have to rely on short getaways to regain my sanity. Of a life that doesn’t need escaping from.

Some ‘normal’ and ‘responsible’ people think that I’m doing a grave misconduct by being away so often. Well, if travelling is a crime, I’m quite happy to be convicted of multiple charges. You can chain me to a desk, but I will never be reformed.

From this day onward, I will be a fugitive – a serial traveller on the run.

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