The Truth About Modesty.

I came across this video three years ago, and it seems timely to share it now. Summer is upon us here in the tropics, and I have heard more than one friend comment on getting their ‘beach body’ ready.

I have the sensitivities of a granny when it comes to beach wear (which increases with age, I am afraid).  Internally, I cringe when I see my sisters in Christ in swimsuits that I would never let my (for the moment, hypothetical) daughter wear in public.  When they talk about beach excursions, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of swimwear they’ll be using.  I silently pray that they will be reminded of how they should treat and expose (or rather, not expose) their bodies.

Society has so programmed us to be desensitised to modesty and propriety in dress.  Bikinis are normal, even to the Christian woman.  But they shouldn’t be.

I’m happy to see ladies such as Jessica Rey are giving women options on what to wear to the beach.

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