Note to Self #10

There is a kind of waiting where you have no idea when it will end, and how it will end. That’s probably one of the hardest times to get through. But it is also one of the best times to prepare yourself for what is to come.… Read more

Being Me.

​Scrolling through my drafts, I found a previously unpublished piece I wrote around mid-2017.  I don’t quite know why I didn’t publish it as it is – because reading it now, it seemed appropriate, given my circumstances back then.  In fact, it was less dramatic than the emotions that I remembered were churning within me.… Read more

On Birthdays and Milestones.

My mom asked me last week – so what’s your birthday wish?  Actually, I asked myself the same question just a few days earlier.  And I didn’t have an answer both times.

Is my life perfect?  Not really.  So isn’t there something I wish could be different?  … Read more