Note to Self #9

You may not think it now, but in hindsight, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Because this moment is defining you in ways you never imagined.

Surrendering something to God places it in the best possible hands. To you, the future may be unknown, but it is not necessarily uncertain.… Read more

Note to Self #1

When you double guess your decisions, remember – God can overturn any man-made act. He probably will not undo it, he might not change it, but if you are his child, he will surely work it for good.

Trust. It might be your mess, but it’s still under God’s watch.… Read more


​But Jesus, overhearing what was being spoken, said to the synagogue official, “Do not be afraid any longer, only believe.”

Mark 5:36 NASB

So simple, yet so difficult.

We know this story.  Jairus approached Jesus in the hopes of healing his daughter.… Read more

Love Me in the Dark.

Love me in the darkest places of my heart
Where polite niceties disappear
And what is left are crude, evil thoughts
That ought not see the light of day

Love me when I am weak
When I cave into my basest desires
And show a side of me
The world will never accept

Love me for things unknown
The parts of me that lie hidden
Underneath the rainbows and smiles
Things I am afraid disclose

Love me for my failures
When my heart calls out to you
Yet shrinks back in fear
Because it recognises its ugliness

Love me in spite of
My brokenness
My neediness
My hopelessness

When I am unlovable
That is when I need you to love me most

Love me.… Read more


About two months ago, I heard a conversation that shook me to the core.  All it took was one line.

“Who’d want to marry you?” a male voice had said.

It was spoken in jest, and it was not even directed at me.  … Read more