When God Sends You Heartaches.

Sometimes I wish I weren’t so bulletproof.

It’s been an emotionally exhausting week – a few weeks, actually.   I’ve had to deal with one emotional blow after another.  Weekends are spent in a semi-vegetative state, crying or just trying to make sense of things.… Read more

I Choose the Pain.

I have survived more than a few painful heartbreaks.  Most of them were messy.  The more recent ones were quite subdued and highly private.  But it took this one last painful experience to make me realise – there is beauty in suffering.  … Read more

Beauty from Ashes.

He told me I’m beautiful.

He was the only man I knew who had ever said that to me.

In my adult life, there have been men who had told me I’m very pretty or attractive. That I’m highly date-able, sexy, or even hot (which I don’t exactly consider a compliment, but we’ll save that for some other time).  … Read more

To Paris, With Love.

It has been nine years since I walked your streets.  I still remember how enamoured I was with your glittering storefronts and charming street side cafes. How in your dirtiness, you remain beautiful. I have seen your sights, breathed your air, eaten your baguettes, basked in your gentle sunshine.  … Read more