Love That Doesn’t Let Go.

2017 marked the tenth year of my singleness.  Of not being in a long-term relationship.  My friend remarked about my single status – it’s because you have high standards.  I disagreed.  My wish list for a partner is rather short, and kept to the essentials.  … Read more

On Birthdays and Milestones.

My mom asked me last week – so what’s your birthday wish?  Actually, I asked myself the same question just a few days earlier.  And I didn’t have an answer both times.

Is my life perfect?  Not really.  So isn’t there something I wish could be different?  … Read more


About two months ago, I heard a conversation that shook me to the core.  All it took was one line.

“Who’d want to marry you?” a male voice had said.

It was spoken in jest, and it was not even directed at me.  … Read more

Happy Ever After.

This will sound jaded – it may even come as a shock to some – but there is no such thing as happily ever after.  At least, not in the conventional definition.  By conventional, I mean boy-meets-girl story that ends in marriage, “and they lived happily ever after.”  That, I believe, is a lie that gets peddled to girls via fairytales with prince charmings.… Read more


In my current saga of getting over what-could-have-been, I am coming to realise a few things.  I had begun to settle.  And although it seemed like he was good enough, I actually deserve better.

I deserve better than a man who seemed to fit the criteria, but actually was just someone who happened to be available.… Read more

Ms Independent.

From a very young age, I have always been my own person.  At age eight, I had opted out of the normal child’s life.  Instead of spending breaks playing with other kids, I spent my lunch hour reading in the library.… Read more

An Open Letter to Single Men.

Particularly – single men who find me intimidating.

Yes, I know I can be intimidating.  I’ve been called that by both men AND women.  Poster girl for the modern, 21st century independent woman.  Super Girl, Iron Lady, Wonder Woman. I took them all as compliments.  … Read more