What Now?

Three weeks left into 2015, and I am realising that it wasn’t a very good year.

I got a lot done, yes.  But I got worn out in the process.

I grew in many ways.  But I also devolved into something I never thought I would become – a woman obsessed with getting married.… Read more

On Yokes and Inequality.

I received a wedding invitation lately, one which did not elicit an immediate ‘yes’.  My Christian friend was marrying someone outside the faith.  I was already wary of the relationship when I first found out.  My friend lives overseas and I hadn’t had the chance to speak to her about it.  … Read more

On Becoming Marriageable.

Society has this funny way of gauging whether a woman is fit to be married.  For starters, she ought to know how to cook.  Managing housework is a plus.  Must be good with working on a budget.  Loves kids (or dogs, whichever is your inclination).… Read more