Note to Self #16

2018 has been a year of letting go, moving forward, and making room. It still is. In a way, it is coming to terms with what was, what is, and what could be. And the what could be doesn’t have to be beautiful or grand or exciting.… Read more

Note to Self #5

When someone decides to walk out of your heart, you can chose two things – to let them go, or to try to make them stay. Love means respecting the other person’s decision to move on. When you cling to someone, it shows your attachment to them, more than your love for them.… Read more

Love That Doesn’t Let Go.

2017 marked the tenth year of my singleness.  Of not being in a long-term relationship.  My friend remarked about my single status – it’s because you have high standards.  I disagreed.  My wish list for a partner is rather short, and kept to the essentials.  … Read more