More Wanderings – Plans for February 2013

Clark Airfield

I haven’t been updating my travel calendar of late, mainly because my travel plans haven’t been  firmed up.  I’m contemplating between two destinations in February 2012 – at this point, I’m happy to take this to a vote.  Which event would you like to hear or see more about?… Read more

Taking the Open Road

Banaue Rice Terraces by jonrawlinson on flickr

An update on my future whereabouts – some trips planned for December 2012 and January 2013.  Happy for you to come along!

To see my full list of upcoming trips, please make your way to Wanderlust.

Banaue Trek

07 – 10 December 2012

I’m heading for the hills, and I’m taking three of my girlfriends with me.… Read more


I’ve created a permanent page called Wanderlust, which details my upcoming trips.  Do check it out from time, and drop me a line if you wish to come along!

You can find your way around my blog through the links on the left-hand side.  … Read more