Travelling Pencils

Gaudi's rooftop sculptures are awe-inspiring

When I first started travelling, I took to doodling as a way of capturing the things I’ve seen.  I picked this up from my then-boyfriend, who is an amazing artist and cartoonist.  I started with a bit of apprehension – after all, I am not very comfortable expressing my ideas through imagery.  … Read more

Destination, Europe

Venice - Lucca - Florence - Cinque Terre - Nice - Monaco - Avignon - Paris - Barcelona - Madrid - Toledo

Now is as good a time as any to travel to Europe.  Exchange rates are good, the summer peak season is ending, and the weather is still mild enough for tropical island-dwellers (read : not freezing).

My trip across Europe started in Venice and ended in Madrid, before flying back to London.  It lasted 21 days, and I managed to hit 4 countries and 11 cities on that blitzkrieg of a holiday.… Read more