Note to Self #17

It’s never too late to live your dream.

You are not responsible for other people’s expectations. Their disappointment is not your failure, unless you agreed to meet those expectations.

You get to choose which expectations need to be met.… Read more

Being Me.

​Scrolling through my drafts, I found a previously unpublished piece I wrote around mid-2017.  I don’t quite know why I didn’t publish it as it is – because reading it now, it seemed appropriate, given my circumstances back then.  In fact, it was less dramatic than the emotions that I remembered were churning within me.… Read more

Hope Less.

If I could obliterate this year from my memory, I would.

Endless slogging through a mist of uncertainty has dampened my faith, and eaten away hopes of a brighter tomorrow.

Outwardly, I looked fine.  I went through the motions of a normal life.… Read more

On Lost Dreams.

​”Where did your dreams go?” the child asked

“They disappeared,” I answered

“We should go find them,” she says

“Where would we look?” I countered

“Good question,” she says. “I suggest your past.”

I smiled at the child – at myself, thirty years back.… Read more