Note to Self #15

There’s a saying about staring at a closed door for so long, you don’t notice that other doors have opened.

How about staring really long at a door that opened because you didn’t expect what was behind it? How do you decide if you should walk through?… Read more

Stand and Fall.

​You know standards? Keep them.

Be open to review. But always have them in some form.

And when the cards are played, know when to fold.

It will define who you are, and who you end up with. And there are few things more empowering than knowing precisely where you stand, and where you refuse to fall.… Read more

Free to Choose.

Temperatures are rising and tempers are flaring as we inch closer to election day.  This is the first time I have seen our nation in such a divisive state over politics.  My social media feed has never seen so much emotionally loaded speech in its ten-year existence.  … Read more


In my current saga of getting over what-could-have-been, I am coming to realise a few things.  I had begun to settle.  And although it seemed like he was good enough, I actually deserve better.

I deserve better than a man who seemed to fit the criteria, but actually was just someone who happened to be available.… Read more

Ms Independent.

From a very young age, I have always been my own person.  At age eight, I had opted out of the normal child’s life.  Instead of spending breaks playing with other kids, I spent my lunch hour reading in the library.… Read more