Note to Self #14

This world is broken and filled with pain. You know this. But sometimes circumstances – yours, or other people’s – bring this truth to mind all too sharply.

Yet God is good. And because of Jesus, you can choose to see the good.… Read more

Broken But Beautiful.

I was at a church retreat two weekends ago, where I sang this song.  Part of the preparation for worship leading is to dwell on the words, and let them speak to me.  Only then can I sing so that others may hear.  … Read more

By the Well.

It was noon, it was hot, and he was tired.  Jesus sat down by Jacob’s well in Samaria while his disciples went foraging for food.  He chose to stay behind, because he had an appointment to keep.

She was on her way to draw water in the middle of the day, when no one else would be around.  … Read more


Every once in a while, God brings me back to a place that I’d rather forget.  A past hurt, an old wound, or a deep regret that I thought was resolved, but apparently was just buried under other pleasanter memories.

And so it comes to a point where I have to face old demons that I thought I had slain long ago.  … Read more

When God Sends You Heartaches.

Sometimes I wish I weren’t so bulletproof.

It’s been an emotionally exhausting week – a few weeks, actually.   I’ve had to deal with one emotional blow after another.  Weekends are spent in a semi-vegetative state, crying or just trying to make sense of things.… Read more