Broken But Beautiful.

I was at a church retreat two weekends ago, where I sang this song.  Part of the preparation for worship leading is to dwell on the words, and let them speak to me.  Only then can I sing so that others may hear.  … Read more

Love Me in the Dark.

Love me in the darkest places of my heart
Where polite niceties disappear
And what is left are crude, evil thoughts
That ought not see the light of day

Love me when I am weak
When I cave into my basest desires
And show a side of me
The world will never accept

Love me for things unknown
The parts of me that lie hidden
Underneath the rainbows and smiles
Things I am afraid disclose

Love me for my failures
When my heart calls out to you
Yet shrinks back in fear
Because it recognises its ugliness

Love me in spite of
My brokenness
My neediness
My hopelessness

When I am unlovable
That is when I need you to love me most

Love me.… Read more

Fit For a Queen.

Royalty.  As a little girl, I had often imagined what it would be like to be one.  A princess, a queen, a monarch in my palatial home.  I would ride horses and play the violin.  Paint in the morning and play lawn tennis in the afternoon.  … Read more

Beauty from Ashes.

He told me I’m beautiful.

He was the only man I knew who had ever said that to me.

In my adult life, there have been men who had told me I’m very pretty or attractive. That I’m highly date-able, sexy, or even hot (which I don’t exactly consider a compliment, but we’ll save that for some other time).  … Read more