Red Ginger | A Day Trip to Indang, Cavite

Having been recommended by a few people, I persuaded some of my girl friends to take a drive south of Metro Manila for a very protracted lunch.  The trip was made less enjoyable by the ridiculous traffic jam en route. Nevertheless, we happily consumed the plates of food served us when we arrived. They held our reservation despite our tardiness, and kept the stove hot for us hungry gals. Lunch was a set menu of five different dishes, and even had an option for unending second helpings. Food was good value (if you don’t count the long drive over).

a bowl of flowers (c) Clarice Fong

daybed (c) Clarice Fong
front porch (c) Clarice Fong

Red Ginger a.k.a Balay Indang is composed of a few buildings, with the main house for dining and the others for overnight visitors.  It has a rustic charm, bordering shabby chic.  If you’re looking for a lunchtime getaway, this is a good option outside of the usual haunts in Tagaytay / Batangas.

To give you an idea of the ambience, here are some snaps of the property – I have to apologize for the lack of food photos.  I was THAT hungry.

inside Balay Indang (c) Clarice Fongdining area (c) Clarice Fongrocking horse (c) Clarice Fongfountain (c) Clarice Fong
courtyard (c) Clarice Fong

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