Quo Vadis?

500 places where you can make a differenceIf there is one Latin phrase I remember the most from my elementary school days, it is this.  And ironically (or perhaps not) – it is a question many have people asked me.

I admit, I have itchy feet.  I can’t stand still – after three months of not travelling, I start climbing the walls.  My excuse these days is that I have ADHD.  I need to see new things, meet new people, try exhilarating activities, taste strange food, experience different cultures.  I start losing it when I don’t.  Yes, I am a travel junkie.

So one of my grand plans was to travel around the world, volunteering for various causes.  I’m not nearly done sifting through the various suggestions in Frommer’s 500 places where you can make a difference.  As with most budget travellers, my biggest factor is cashflow.  Early on, I’ve thought of crowdfunding my adventure, even before crowdfunding was all the rage.  Now I am all the more convinced I should just get set and go.  Here comes the second consideration – time.

When I planned out my life earlier this year, I thought that I would be building my own bed and breakfast by this time.  I’ve put the globetrotting in the back burner, thinking that some things (like building my own social enterprise) need to take precedent.  As fate would have it, I am not anywhere near starting my own business.  I am also not tied to a regular job that has limited annual leave days. (Don’t tell my father I said that – I work for him right now.)  Whilst I’ve also started peddling my skills to a noble startup and a training & professional development company, nothing has been cast in stone.  I can still say yay or nay, or perhaps work my schedules around whatever commitments will come out of these two ventures.

Because everything is still up in the air, I realised it’s actually a good time to plan my round the world trip.  Funny enough, I met a life planner (yes, it sounds fluffly to me, too) a few weeks ago.  In our follow-up meeting, he asked if I had any unfulfilled plans or dreams. (He probably didn’t know what he was getting into.)  I saved him the agony by just skimming the surface and saying I have full confidence that things will come to pass.  I mentioned that I wanted to see the world.  Of course, I never thought about my round-the-world-voluntourism project during that conversation.

Now here I am, thinking – that would have been a nice goal to set and see what he has to say about it.  Oh well.  The flip side is – I don’t have to share the credit when I finally go on my adventure of a lifetime.  Ha!

Where am I headed?  I’m off to see the world, and make it a better place.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep in touch!

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