My Story

I love to read. I have been surrounded by books and words practically all my life. I always thought I'd be a novelist. However, as time passed, it became apparent that fiction writing is not my strong suit. Maybe I lack imagination, or maybe I'm just too engrossed in the real world. Whatever it is, my reading list evolved from fairy tales to social sciences and technology, plus a smattering of design (thanks to my background in architecture).

I've held different positions and went through varying industries in my professional life. Some people think I have ADHD – which may have a grain of truth. The reality is, I've always known what I wanted, but I never had the opportunity to pursue it as a career. One day, after doing lots of volunteer writing work, someone came to me with a job. It was an actual paying job that involves writing and editing and creating a brand publication. That one job opened proverbial doors. While I'd like to say it kick-started my writing career, the real story is far less poetic. It simply made me realise I can eke out some semblance of a living as a writer, in between other better-paying jobs.

Meet Clarice Fong.


I am aware that I share my name with a Marvel superhero. I am under no illusions of being more than normal. Let it be stated for the record, though, that my friends do call me superwoman. Past loves have likened me to heroines of their choice.

I juggle two or three jobs at a time, because life is hard and I've got bills to pay. In between, I share my thoughts on love, life, and being a follower of Jesus here in my little corner of the web.

What I would love to do is create content for people who want to build their brand. When I'm up to my ears with word counts, I hire newbie writers and edit their articles ruthlessly. One day, I will have a team of A-class writers who know what "literary fluff" means - and how to avoid it at all costs. For now, I am making the internet less odious to grammar nazis, one article at a time.

Hire me to write for you.

When it comes to content, I mean business.
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