Made For Worship.

God knows how to fill an empty cup.

I was feeling spiritually dry for a while, and frustrated that special moments with the Lord have become few and far between.  Then my friend invited me to watch Planetshakers as her birthday treat.  (I said yes, of course.  I actually wanted to buy tickets when I found out they were coming, but my budget was a bit constrained.)  Two days later, I received an email that told me the concert organisers were also giving me two tickets as a token of appreciation for contributing to their online magazine.  I was overwhelmed.  Not only did I get fantastic seats courtesy of my friend, I was able to bring two other people to enjoy a night of worship.

It was what I needed.  The music lifted my spirit and spoke to my heart.  I was reminded of God’s love and grace.  And I saw a glimpse of heaven through the 16,000 voices lifted in communal worship.  When the entire coliseum started singing ‘Hallelujah, You have overcome the world’ in perfect unison and perfect pitch, I was filled with awe.  Only God can bring so many different people and get them to sing together in beautiful praise.

I was – in many ways – left astounded.

* Here’s a playlist I put together based on the songs that were played that night, sans the special recording of their new single. May it minister to you as it ministered to me.

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