Changing Locations.

It feels almost surreal – I have my own domain and website. I have become internet legit.

There’s something about moving, even electronically, that excites me.  For someone who has physically moved home a dozen times, you’d think the novelty has worn off.  It hasn’t.  I am of the odd bunch that LOVES moving, even if the move is unanticipated and rather premature.  And yes, even when it gets pretty stressful putting your life into little (or big) boxes.  I love moving, and the idea of it, because I enjoy the newness it brings.

I would agree that moving generally increases your cortisol levels. It involves doing a lot of things within a limited time span. The deadline is pretty fixed – either you get it done, or it gets done for you (i.e. someone throws your stuff out). It’s no surprise a lot of disagreements happen during house moves – which may or may not involve a few lost items.

Admittedly, moving also brings a sense of nostalgia.  You go through your old things almost methodically, deciding which items go to the bin, and which items get to come along with you.  For me, though, packing for a move is usually when I realise just how much junk I’ve kept through the years.  Moving house has become the required impetus for discarding accumulated stuff. Letting go of unnecessary items – as many would agree – is very cathartic.  Sometimes it’s a very real-life extension of what needed to happen emotionally.  Fortunately, I’m not that emotional when I plan a move.  In fact, I get horrifically utilitarian when I start packing.  I rarely keep things for their sentimental value (although the actual utility of things I do keep can be questionable).

Moving my blog into my own domain feels a lot like moving house.  I had to decide what to keep, and what to throw out.  I also had to grapple with the possibility of losing some of my old blog’s history (like stats and shares).  I had to figure out migration and setup.  I had to commit to keeping the site for at least a year (kind of like signing a 12-month lease).  I got to choose what my internet home would look like, and I had tell people my new address.  

And just like sleeping in a new place for the first time, publishing my first post brings a weird smile to my face.  A smile that says, “I think I’m going to like it here. This place feels like home.”   

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