Note to Self #5

When someone decides to walk out of your heart, you can chose two things – to let them go, or to try to make them stay. Love means respecting the other person’s decision to move on. When you cling to someone, it shows your attachment to them, more than your love for them.… Read more


Three weeks into 2017, I was faced with the possibility of love, romance, and marriage.  I clung to it, not knowing that it would be the source of much grief and pain for many months to come.  In my impetuousness, I ran headlong into a relationship that was my undoing.… Read more

Stand and Fall.

​You know standards? Keep them.

Be open to review. But always have them in some form.

And when the cards are played, know when to fold.

It will define who you are, and who you end up with. And there are few things more empowering than knowing precisely where you stand, and where you refuse to fall.… Read more

Love That Doesn’t Let Go.

2017 marked the tenth year of my singleness.  Of not being in a long-term relationship.  My friend remarked about my single status – it’s because you have high standards.  I disagreed.  My wish list for a partner is rather short, and kept to the essentials.  … Read more

Unwrapping Love.

Sometimes love comes wrapped in old magazines and celotape. Not in beautiful gift paper and big bows.

When we focus on fancy packaging, we can miss out on what is being offered – a simple kind love, one that doesn’t call attention to itself.… Read more