Quo Vadis?

500 places where you can make a difference

500 places where you can make a differenceIf there is one Latin phrase I remember the most from my elementary school days, it is this.  And ironically (or perhaps not) – it is a question many have people asked me.

I admit, I have itchy feet.  I can’t stand still – after three months of not travelling, I start climbing the walls.  … Read more

Travelling Pencils

Gaudi's rooftop sculptures are awe-inspiring

When I first started travelling, I took to doodling as a way of capturing the things I’ve seen.  I picked this up from my then-boyfriend, who is an amazing artist and cartoonist.  I started with a bit of apprehension – after all, I am not very comfortable expressing my ideas through imagery.  … Read more

I wander

I started independent travel pretty late in my life, but I took to it like a duck to water.  How long this restless soul has been in me, I don’t really know.  Or perhaps I do.

While cleaning out my old bedroom, I saw, amongst other childhood memorabilia, a tiny blue notebook with my eight-year-old handwriting.  … Read more