Radio Saved Me.

Woman with headphones

It’s almost been two years since I started “working” in Christian radio. (Open and close quotation marks because we don’t get paid.) I didn’t tell a lot of people when I started. However, part of the job is to post selfies (ugh) and messages on social media.… Read more

Flowers in Winter.

I recently finished drying a bunch of flowers and was figuring out where to store them, when I saw the last (and only) set of dried flowers I have. They sit in a jar on the shelf above my desk. They’ve been with me for 13 years, having crossed the European continent and most of Asia to finally find their way to my bedroom.… Read more

Note to Self #17

It’s never too late to live your dream.

You are not responsible for other people’s expectations. Their disappointment is not your failure, unless you agreed to meet those expectations.

You get to choose which expectations need to be met.… Read more

Changing Locations.


It feels almost surreal – I have my own domain and website. I have become internet legit.

There’s something about moving, even electronically, that excites me.  For someone who has physically moved home a dozen times, you’d think the novelty has worn off.  It hasn’t.  I am of the odd bunch that LOVES moving, even if the move is unanticipated and rather premature.  And yes, even when it gets pretty stressful putting your life into little (or big) boxes.  I love moving, and the idea of it, because I enjoy the newness it brings.… Read more

Note to Self #16

2018 has been a year of letting go, moving forward, and making room. It still is. In a way, it is coming to terms with what was, what is, and what could be. And the what could be doesn’t have to be beautiful or grand or exciting.… Read more

Missed Connections.

Every once in a while, you meet someone that just seems so right. There’s mutual attraction, good chemistry, great rapport.  It would have been the start to something meaningful… except circumstances get in the way.  One of you has to leave, or you can’t seem to align schedules, or something altogether unexpected comes up.… Read more