Blog Break

I know, I should have written, I should have called, I should have texted.  I’m sorry.  My life just caught up with me and I didn’t have time to blog.  I also did not feel inspired or motivated to blog.  But there’s good news.

During my absence, I have reached an epiphany.  It is a life-changing moment.  At least, as far as this blog is concerned.

(Oh, yes, I have been well, thank you for asking.)

I have been travelling.  I have been taking photographs.  I have been post-processing images and writing stories (fiction, this time).  Unfortunately, my travels are becoming fewer and further between, and riddled with a few restrictions.  My trips have not been and are not going to be as fun or as exciting as I want them to be.  But hey, there are worse things in life.

So what’s the big news?  I have realized that I my endorphine levels are as high whilst I am trip planning as whilst I am taking trips.  Sometimes higher.

Rephrase.  I am as happy – or happier – organizing trip itineraries as I am travelling.

And since my travelling needs to be curtailed or restrained for various reasons, I decided to have this blog evolve into a trip planning resource.  i.e. what would I do if I were travelling to Colombia?  (insert as many smiley faces as you can here)

Trip itineraries will be a combination of past travels and future travels or even imaginary travels.  The only problem with imaginary and future travels is that I will have to constantly grab images from elsewhere in the web.  Sigh.

So that’s my piece of news.  I shall be back once my life has some semblance of direction and order.

Oh, and happy summer solstice.

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