Note to Self #17

It’s never too late to live your dream.

You are not responsible for other people’s expectations. Their disappointment is not your failure, unless you agreed to meet those expectations.

You get to choose which expectations need to be met.… Read more

Changing Locations.


It feels almost surreal – I have my own domain and website. I have become internet legit.

There’s something about moving, even electronically, that excites me.  For someone who has physically moved home a dozen times, you’d think the novelty has worn off.  It hasn’t.  I am of the odd bunch that LOVES moving, even if the move is unanticipated and rather premature.  And yes, even when it gets pretty stressful putting your life into little (or big) boxes.  I love moving, and the idea of it, because I enjoy the newness it brings.… Read more