In All Manner of Dress.

Yep, you guessed it.  I’m going to talk about fashion.

I once said that there are three types of women – those who dress for men, those who dress for other women, and those who dress for themselves.  I realise that this mindset is a bit simplistic, in that we usually think of all three at any given time.  … Read more

Of Purple Cows and Blue Grass

He stared at the tiny painting on the wall. He remembered how it got there from what seemed a lifetime ago.

“Why aren’t there purple cows, Uncle G?” she asked.

“Well, certain things come in certain colours.  That’s just how things are.”

“But if you can get to choose, what colour would a cow be?”

“Hm. Read more

On Yokes and Inequality.

I received a wedding invitation lately, one which did not elicit an immediate ‘yes’.  My Christian friend was marrying someone outside the faith.  I was already wary of the relationship when I first found out.  My friend lives overseas and I hadn’t had the chance to speak to her about it.  … Read more