A New Year’s Wish

Here’s to love in unlikely places, to adventures in unseen lands, to finding deeper purposes close to your hearts.

To understanding previously undefined hurts, to old frustrations made new or vice versa, to searing pain that makes you realize the wonder of being alive.… Read more

Confessions of a Travel Junkie

Forresters Beach, New South Wales, Australia

At a time when everyone is rushing home to be with family and friends, I long to be away.  I yearn for white, snowy winters – even if it means cold, wet feet.  I feel a tinge of jealousy whenever I see someone experiencing someplace new during this season – a gift that I could never have with my current life.  … Read more

More Wanderings – Plans for February 2013

Clark Airfield

I haven’t been updating my travel calendar of late, mainly because my travel plans haven’t been  firmed up.  I’m contemplating between two destinations in February 2012 – at this point, I’m happy to take this to a vote.  Which event would you like to hear or see more about?… Read more